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Ceramide Powder from rice bran mainly exists in the form of sphingolipids and its

1-hydroxy connects glucose by glucoside bonds. There are over 20 types of sphingolipids from rice bran, 

and the fatty acid of the most popular 4(see below)linked by imide bonds is more common, namely linoleic acid, 

oleic acid, Stearic acid and palmtic acid. Different from skin ceramide, the sphingosines of ceramide from rice 

bran contain 4- and 8-double bonds, referred to as (4E,8E/Z)-spinga-4,8-dienine(d18:24,8).



1.Ceramide Powder plays an important role in maintaining skin barrier function.

2.The adhesion between keratinocytes can be enhanced by using ceramide powder ,improve skin dryness,reduce skin desquamation.

3.Ceramide Powder can keep skin hydrated.

4.Ceramide Powder can increase the thickness of cuticle,improve skin's ability to hold water,reduce wrinkles,enhance skin elasticity and delay skin aging.

5.Ceramide Powder binds in cells,modulating cellular immunity,decided to blood type aspects play a very important role.

6.Ceramide Powder can regulate the growth and variation of nerve cells.

7.Ceramide Powder is an intracellular cytotoxic regulator,induce cell to apoptosis.



*Ceramide powder used in cosmetics.

*Ceramide powder used in medicine .

*Ceramide powder used in health product.