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Black Chokeberry Extract

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Black Chokeberry Extract contains very high levels of anthocyanins (source of red color) and flavonoids. 

Levels of anthocyanins and flavonoids are over five times greater than those found in cranberries. 

Black Chokeberry  also has been reported to contain antioxidants, polyphenols, minerals and vitamins. 

It has been alleged that some of these chemicals specifically reduce the potential for heart disease. 


1. Black Chokeberry Extract can  anti-inflammatory.

2. Black Chokeberry Extract can antioxidant ,whitening the skin.

3. Black Chokeberry Extract can improve the liver function.

4. Black Chokeberry Extract can improve the blood circulation, enrich the blood and 

dispelling wind.

5. Black Chokeberry Extract has significant effect as a treatment of menopause syndrome.

6. Protect heart cells from cell membrane damage and DNA fragmentation .



1.Black Chokeberry Extract can be used in functional food, drinks.

2.Black Chokeberry Extract can be used in health care products.

3.Black Chokeberry Extract can be used in pharmaceuticals.

4.Black Chokeberry Extract can be used in cosmetics.