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Health food -- "pain" and "breakthrough" in the period of ch

Relevant data show that the health care market potential is growing, it is expected that in 2017, the nutritional and health food output value will exceed 1 trillion yuan, an average annual growth of 20%. Data pointed out that the future of China's health care market will grow at an annual rate of 11%, by 2020, the entire market is expected to exceed 400 billion yuan.
In May 24th, the relevant departments announced that Beijing Tongrentang won the card declaration, so far, the direct marketing pharmaceutical companies have reached 34, accounting for 1/3 of the total number of direct sales enterprises, pharmaceutical companies into direct sales once again attracted the attention of the industry. In recent years, as the Ministry of Commerce has accelerated the licensing of direct selling licenses, more and more pharmaceutical companies have been successful.
More and more pharmaceutical companies began to enter the field of direct sales
In 2016, the 5 measures to promote the development of traditional Chinese medicine were determined for the first time, and the pharmaceutical industry began to attract attention from all walks of life. This makes a lot of pharmaceutical enterprises, especially the traditional Chinese medicine ingredients based pharmaceutical enterprises to see the hope. At the same time, along with the public of all walks of life optimistic about the direct selling industry, many pharmaceutical enterprises began to focus on direct marketing industry.
In fact, as early as 2013, pharmaceutical companies have been accompanied by direct marketing. By the end of 2013, the ideal of science and technology, the U.S. pharmaceutical and Hornsey pharmaceutical's nine polar biology three pharmaceutical companies to obtain a direct license issued by the relevant departments, plus before jinshili good friend, Guangdong Kangli, Harbin Pharmaceutical Group, Xiamen gold four pharmaceutical companies, more than 7 companies involved in direct selling. In 2014, "company + direct" mode of operation of the growing group of direct selling license application statement, to show their willingness to enter the direct selling industry, Fengeng pharmaceutical companies gradually increased. Only at the beginning of 2015, Dong'e E-Jiao, Wei Kang biological enterprises had to obtain a direct selling license issued by the Department of business cards last year by the pharmaceutical companies is a staggering number of 7.
Pharmaceutical companies continue to pour into direct marketing
The 22 public enterprises, there are 7 pharmaceutical companies and pharmaceutical or related, they are Shandong, Weihai Fuda group, Shandong kangboer pharmaceutical, modified Yiyang wine group (Yiyang pharmaceutical), Jiangxi earth medicine, pharmaceutical company and Jiangsu Kanion group. In the era of pharmaceutical transformation and the outbreak of big health industry, in recent years, the pace of traditional pharmaceutical companies to enter direct sales has not stopped, but also intensified. From the publicity results, the traditional pharmaceutical companies into direct marketing is still fermenting. These scientific research, production and product strength of pharmaceutical companies into direct marketing, the future will bring consumers more new products and new health concepts.
Pharmaceutical companies transformation direct sales industry advantages show
It is understood that the majority of pharmaceutical companies selling products for cosmetics and health products, such as the Yongchun Hall of the direct product of cosmetics, health food and daily necessities; Dong'e Jiao and Wei Kang direct selling products only for health food; Freda for cosmetics and health food. Although the main industry is pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical products, and the products do not belong to five categories of direct selling products in the range, but Big Pharma has strong production technology and R & D strength, these technical advantages to support its development of products and other products of health food, cosmetics, personal care, use the the advantages, continue to launch new products for the needs of the consumers, high quality, will bring new opportunities for the development of pharmaceutical marketing enterprises.
Broad prospects for health industry market
Due to China's consumer demand for health care products, health care products led to a huge potential market, is expected in 2017, nutrition and health food output will be more than 1 trillion yuan, the average annual growth of 20%, the data pointed out that the expected future health care products in China market will grow at an annual rate of 11%, to 2020 the market size is expected to exceed 400 billion yuan.
From the development situation and trends in 2016, the direct selling industry in 2017 is bound to be a big outbreak of the year, so there will be more enterprises to join the ranks of Shen brand. In 2016, the state will pay more attention and love to pharmaceutical companies, especially those enterprises using traditional Chinese medicine as raw materials, which will undoubtedly be a very good opportunity for pharmaceutical companies. With the development of health industry and development, engaged in direct sales in the health industry, I am for you is not just a job, from the environment, health industry is a sunrise industry in the next ten years, twenty years, the investment opportunity is very large, while the direct selling is a good choice.