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Cornus Extract

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Cornus is a small deciduous tree growing to 10m high, often wider than it is tall when mature, with

a trunk diameter of up to 30cm .

The leaves are opposite, simple, oval with acute tips, 6-13cm long and4-6 cm broad, 

with an apparently entire margin; they turn a rich red-brown in fall.

The fruit is a cluster of two to ten drupes, each 10-15mm long and about 8 mm wide, 

which ripen in the late summer and the early fall to a bright red. They are an important 

food source for dozens of species of birds, which then distribute the seeds.


Main Function 

1).Anti-stress and anti-oxidation as well as lower the blood lipid;

2).Adjust the function of hypothalamus;
3).To promote the action of anti-inflammatory antibacterial, antifungal and anticancer;
4).Tonifying the liver and kidney, controlling seminal emission and reducing urination;
5).Controlling menstruation and arresting bleeding;
6).Arresting sweating and preventing collapse;
7).Treatment of dizzy giddy and ringing in the ears;
8).Relieve the pains caused by waist and knees soreness;
9).It can be used to prompt cardiovascular system and heart function,improve cardiac 

contractility and cardiac output,resist the activation of T-lymphocyte,lower hyperlipemia,anti-fatigue,improve memory.